Prezi Presentation Project

My final Prezi design with changes implemented.

The presentation may be viewed here.


The purpose of this project was to use the Prezi software to create a presentation that implemented the FOCUS design principles and demonstrated the capabilities of Prezi as a tool for creating professional presentations.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)

  1. I had never used Prezi before and was completely new to the platform. Being used to the idea of simple slideshows made with PowerPoint or Google Slides, a 3-dimensional presentation workspace was a new concept for me and I had to take some time to understand the capabilities of what Prezi offers. After viewing a few other Prezi presentations, I started to recognize the almost limitless possibilities for creating engaging shows.
  2. I decided that I wanted light-hearted topic and finally settled on tips for relaxing during the weekend. I wanted to share some things that my family enjoys doing when we have some down time.
  3. Prezi sketch
    My initial sketch.

    I started sketching some ideas on paper. Finally I settled on a treasure hunt theme. I wanted the presentation to take the viewer on a trip across a treasure map. I decided to implement a compass near the beginning and an “X” for the big finish. Along the way, bare feet would guide the way through the journey.

  4. After some trial and error with my rough draft I decided on a monochrome blue color theme, a Serif font called Alegreya, and a complementary Sans Serif font called Comfortaa (both fonts were provided in Prezi’s editor).
  5. I downloaded a blank treasure parchment image with a compass in the lower corner from Deposit Photos, a stock image repository. I liked the texture of this image and the compass, but the initial image was a brownish tan color. So I used Adobe Photoshop to change the coloring and adjust the hue to a light blue. This matched my color scheme and allowed me to keep the nice parchment texture. After making changes to this image, I went to Prezi and added it as my background.
  6. For the bare footprint trail, I used Photoshop to change the color of a black pair of footprints to a blue to match my color scheme. I then created the trail using the blue footprints. I placed my frames with text and photographs/images along the trail, adjusting the orientation to create a more dynamic presentation.
  7. To contrast my images from the background, I gave each of them a white border.
  8. For the text, I used a blue color that was darker than the background but slightly lighter than the footprints.
  9. I aligned all of my text in some way with the images in the frames. I varied the location and alignment from frame to frame.

Critique Process

Rough Draft Prezi
My first Prezi design. A very rough attempt with a poor color scheme.

My first critique was with Brother Stucki. As he reviewed my rough draft, his first comments were regarding my color scheme. I had not settled on a good color scheme before my rough draft, and the colors were jarring and not very complementary. He also mentioned that I needed to select a second typeface as I had only been using one in my frames.

My second critique was with a student tutor, Adam Harper. By this point much of my final draft was completed. I had made the changes that Brother Stucki had suggested, and Adam complemented my blue monochromatic color scheme and choice of fonts. He did suggest that I make more use of Prezi’s 3d capability to pan in and out from frame to frame.

My final Prezi design with changes implemented.
My final Prezi design with changes implemented.

Adam was also very helpful in deciding on the Parchment background. I had initially gone with a solid background, but when I asked about the possibility of using the parchment, he liked the idea with the caveat that I use Photoshop or another editor to change the color of the parchment to the light blue.


The central message of my presentation that the weekend should be enjoyed, and I gave several suggestions on activities that could make the weekend more relaxing.


Busy people who need some creative ideas to slow down and relax as their weekend approaches.

Top Things Learned

After the rough and final drafts of my presentation, I feel much more comfortable using Prezi and navigating my way around it. I feel confident that I will be much more prepared to use it in future designs that are even better than this one.

If I were to do this design over, I would eliminate the trail of footprints. Instead I would use the same background, but only place a large set of double footprints. Then I might insert intro text on the toes that mapped out and zoomed in to a background frame for the rest of the body copy. Then I would map back in to the next toe for more intro text. I think this might simplify the overall design, as the trail of footprints now seems a bit crowded and busy to me. I would probably also source some type of complementary background music.

Color Scheme

Monochromatic blues

Title Font Name & Category

Alegreya, a Serif font

Copy Font Name & Category

Comfortaa, a Sans Serif font

Thumbnails of Any Original Unedited Photos Used

This image was a selfie taken by me of my wife and myself. I own the original.

hammock nap2

The below image is from the Internet Movie Database. It is a still taken from the Disney movie Mary Poppins.


The following are stock images and stock photography downloaded using my account at Deposit Photos.

Windrose on old grunge paper with copy spaceflipflopspngtreasure2barefoot beach book3

Milky way over camping tent in Himalaya

hand of a carpenter taking measurement of a wooden plank

climb a tree compost music dirty hands drive1 electronics gardening listening

Artist in savage forest

read1 read2 shoes sunscreen1 turn off phone violin walk