Photodesign Project

My final photodesign project.
My final photodesign project.


The purpose of this project was to plan and create an attractive image that uses a quality photograph and good design principles to communicate a message.


  1. sketch
    Original idea sketch

    Before beginning my project I decided that I wanted to have a complementary purple/yellow color scheme. As I considered what topic to pick, I noticed the Christus statuette, purple flowers, and small globe that were on my fireplace mantle and thought about how I might use them. I decided to pair them with a part of the verse from John 8:12. Although we were encouraged to not use a spiritual topic this week, that particular scripture had been on my mind and I felt impressed to move forward with this idea.

  2. After sketching my initial idea, I considered how I might do the photoshoot. I wanted to stage the objects with a solid background that I could edit out later in Photoshop, so using some PVC pipe and solid colored fabric I created my own photography backdrop, which I know will come in handy with future projects. I experimented with different arrangements of the statuette, flowers, and globe, and I tried many different camera and lighting angles. When I was done with the photoshoot, I had taken literally dozens and dozens of photographs. I copied the photos onto my computer and went through them one at a time to finally settle on the one photo I felt was the best.
  3. I opened the photo in Photoshop and improved the vibrance and levels. I brightened the purple color of the flowers and added sharpness around the blossoms and leaves, and around the edges of the statuette and globe. I used the selection tool and cut out the background, creating a separate layer.
  4. I selected the purple color of the blossoms and added it to my palette. Then I used the rectangle tool to create a background layer with a gradient from that purple to a white color, with the white going behind the Christus to simulate light coming from it.
  5. I experimented with various shape placement and different arrangements and fonts for the text. I initially went with one solid purple horizontal bar near the top but layering behind the Christus, and a vertical light yellow bar along the left side that layered under everything except the background gradient. I picked a single Sans Serif font and use it for all the text.

Critique Process

I received my first critique from Brother Stucki. He complemented the color scheme, but suggested that I make some improvements to the text. Instead of only using one font, he asked that I consider using a second more expressive font for certain keywords from the verse. I took his advice by adding a script font called Edwardian Script ITC, and changing the Sans Script font to Century Gothic, which was more complementary.

The second critique I received was from April Irwin, my wife and an amateur designer and artist. She also liked the color scheme and the new choice of fonts. However, she suggested that I add a little more interest with some additional shapes. So I added another smaller vertical yellow bar and a similar thickness horizontal purple bar in which I placed the verse reference. I also added a sphere and placed the words “I am” overlapping in the circle and leading into the top purple bar with the rest of the first part of the verse. April thought that the overall effect was very nice.


The message of this project is to follow Jesus Christ as the true source of light and knowledge.


The intended audience is anyone, Christian or non-Christian, who needs to be spiritually uplifted and will benefit from fully accepting Christ in their lives.

Top Lessons Learned

Photography is not easy. It took several dozen photos and much trial and error to finally get a few photographs that I thought were of good enough quality. Thanks to this project, I also learned a lot about Photoshop and am more comfortable with it, although I know there is much room for improvement.

Color Scheme

I used a complementary purple/yellow color scheme. My main purple color was CYMK 81-100-7-3. My main yellow color was a light CYMK 9-0-74-0. I used a brighter yellow CYMK 14-0-99-0 for the text and a white CYMK 1-1-1-0 for the fade in the gradient background.

Font Names & Categories

Script font: Edwardian Script ITC
Sans Script font: Century Gothic

Original Unedited Photograph

I took the below photograph in my home studio on October 10, 2016. It is my own image and I own the rights to it.

original photo
My original photograph.