Making Things Better

This next part is going to be fun. We graded our websites this week using a tool called Woorank, which examines lots of on- and off-site factors related to a given website, and then comes back with a numerical score, along with a list of items that were graded and how some of those items can be improved.


Woorank offers one free report per week. Unfortunately I’d used that one report before fully reading this week’s instructions, so shame on me. So I went ahead and signed up for a full trial which I can cancel with no charge within two weeks.

I was a little concerned about the final numerical score, because it varied widely for KayaKaroo each time I ran it (3-4 times). The first couple of times it was down in the 30-40 range, and the last couple of times it was in the 60s. I don’t know why that happened, because the items it suggested I fix were the same each time. So, rather than focus on the score, I’m going to focus on the specific items, which are:


The low priority items are going to be easy to address. The on page headings will also be easy to fix.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the SSL security issue. I know having an HTTPS (secured) site is a ranking factor for Google, but I don’t want to drop $65 dollars on an SSL certificate. That’s what Woorank is suggesting I do to address that item, though.

The most important issue, which comes up twice, is related to speed/load time of the site. Woorank gave me some ideas on this, but I’ll use the Google Developers speed test tool for an even better understanding of specific things I can fix. Here was the result from Google’s speed test:

google_speed_testAs you can see, they provide suggestions for both mobile and desktop speed optimization, which is helpful.

So, this week I’ll be working on fixing as many of the above issues I can. I’ll run through Woorank again after I’ve made those changes, and hopefully I’ll get a better score. Primarily, though, I’ll be looking to see that I’ve made significant improvement in the specific issues that Woorank came up with.