Infographic Project

Pug InfographicDescription

The purpose of this project was to create an infographic using Adobe Illustrator that displayed information about a chosen topic in a visually creative manner and implemented good design principles.


I wanted to focus on pug dogs as a topic for this assignment, so I began my research looking for facts about pugs including their history and other interesting information.

Brainstorm of Potential Icons
Brainstorm of Potential Icons

I hand sketched several different icons I thought would be interesting as part of the design. These included a paw print, a crown, a banner, and a military medal. I then created the icons in Adobe Illustrator.

Next I hand sketched two different designs for my infographic using some of the icons I’d already sketched. I experimented with layout, positioning, and color ideas. I settled on my first design, although I also used certain elements from my second design. I decided on a triadic color scheme using gold, violet, and teal.

Two Possible Designs
Two Possible Designs

I used three images of pugs (one vector and two photos) from Deposit Photos, a stock image repository, where I have a membership. I had to do some editing to those photos using Adobe Photoshop before I could use them in my project.

I designed the infographic in Adobe Illustrator. I opted for a long vertical design that would be suitable for sharing on Pinterest, which was one of the assignment criteria. I used the images and vectors I had prepared and created new design elements as I needed them. I exported the final design to a png file for sharing on the web.

Critique Process

My first critique was from Brother Stucki as he was reviewing all the class submissions via Adobe Connect. He complemented my overall design, but suggested I find way to cut down on the length of some of the text. I took his advice and went back and shortened or eliminated some long or unessential text blocks.

My second critique was from Adam Harper, a BYU-I student tutor, whom I met with via Google Hangouts. His advice was to experiment with a background that was a little more contrasting from my text blocks, which were initially the same shade of teal. I achieved the result he was looking for by changing the background color of my text blocks to white. Doing that, and adding a drop shadow helped the text and other elements stand out well from the background.


My purpose was to share interesting and quirky facts about pugs.


My intended audience is pug owners or those who are animal lovers in general.

Top Things Learned

My skill level with Adobe Illustrator went to a new level with this project as I experimented with things like the curvature and pen tools and the pathfinder tool. If there was something I didn’t know how to do, I would find a YouTube video or Adobe article explaining the concept. By doing this and then utilizing what I learned I became more proficient with Illustrator.

Color Scheme & Names

I used a triadic color scheme of gold, violet, and teal, choosing various shades of those three main colors. The final hex colors used were as follows:

F7E3BD – light gold or “fawn” taken directly from photograph of pug
E4C990 – darker gold, also from photo of pug
E0FFE8 – very light shade of teal
612E8C – dark violet
C98CEC – light violet
I also used neutral black (231F20) and white (FFFFFF) colors.

Title Font Name & Category

Orange Juice/Decorative Font. This font was designed by Brittney Murphy.

Copy Font Name & Category

Paralucent/Sans Serif: This font is from the Adobe Typekit repository.

Thumbnails of Original Unedited Photos Used

These are stock images purchased through my membership at DepositPhotos. All other images, icons, and artwork are originals created by me.

Depositphotos_47419519_s-2015 looking over pug in profile 2 png