Business Identity Project

Business Card Front
Business Card Front
Business Card Back
Business Card Back


The purpose of this project was to design a visual identity for a fictional company, implementing a previously designed logo to create a business card and letterhead that matched across documents.


During a previous assignment we were asked to design a logo for a fictional company using Adobe Illustrator. I chose to create a logo for “Arizona Knife & Blade,” a company that sells various types of bladed weaponry.

logos rough draft
Original Logo Designs
  1. First I opened Illustrator, and using the pen tool while looking at a photograph of a hunting knife I drew my own vector of a similar knife. I repeated this step for the shape of the State of Arizona. I combined those elements into my logo designs, creating three different logos.
  2. I posted my three logos on Facebook in the class group and to my friends and family and asked for feedback on their favorite and advice on what they might change. I received almost 30 replies, and a great majority of them liked one specific logo the best, but many of them also liked the Arizona State graphic from another design. With that in mind, I ultimately chose the preferred design but added the graphic that many people liked. The final logo used a font that was reminiscent of the military or militia typography and a monochromatic green color scheme.
  3. For the back of my business card, I simply placed the logo in the center of the card with plenty of white space around it. I used a vertical design on the back.
  4. The front of my business card has right aligned elements, with the logo at the top, the near the bottom, and the contact information below the slogan in a wide horizontal bar. Then I put a 20% opacity outline of the left side of the State of Arizona along the right side side of the entire page. The front was done using a horizontal design.
  5. My letterhead was very similar to the front of the business card. I used same placement of elements, except for the address which was left aligned but still in the horizontal bar across from the right aligned phone number and website.
  6. I made sure that all elements in the logo itself and in the business card and letterhead were aligned in some way with something else.

Critique Process

I received many helpful critiques from friends, family, and classmates on Facebook about my logo design. This helped me chose the military style logo, but also gave me the idea to implement the state element from another logo.

My first critique for the business card and letterhead was from Brother Stucki. He recommended that I remove triangle elements from the designs that I had initially added for interest. He also suggested that I give the logo on the back of the business card more breathing room. I took his advice when I made adjustments to my designs.

My second critique was from student tutor Adam Harper. He suggested that I use a contrasting font in the logo, perhaps for the word “Arizona,” that I also remove or adjust the triangle element, and that I reduce the white space under the state graphic in my original business card front design. I took his advice about the contrasting font and eventually removed the triangle element and the full Arizona graphic from the front card design.


The intended message of this project was to convey a serious image of a reputable retailer of knives and bladed weapons.


My target audience was people who have a military or survivalist background or personality. The choice of fonts, colors, and slogan wording were chosen with that in mind.

Top Things Learned

I learned more about how to create a consistent image across different types of documents. The consistent use of colors, fonts, and design elements helps bring everything together and presents a more professional image.

Color Scheme & Color Names

I used a monochromatic green color scheme with the following color choices:

  • #5C512E
  • #998A4E
  • #185F30
  • #1B180F

Title Font Name & Category

  • Script font: Reklame Script Regular (for “Arizona”)
  • Serif font: Stencil Std Bold (for “Knife & Blade”)

Body Font Name & Category

  • Sans Serif font: Paralucent

Source of Images

All images are original and created by me.