Brochure Project

brochure front
brochure interior

The purpose of this project was to design a business brochure using the skills I’ve learned in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


  1. I designed this project with a real client in mind, and I spoke with the client before starting the brochure design. She sent me photographs and some thoughts on specific sections she wanted in the brochure.
  2. I had already created a website mock-up using the same colors and font scheme, so I opted to continue that same schemes with the brochure.
  3. Using InDesign, I made slight adjustments to the logo I had created in the webpage mock-up project and saved the new design to my Adobe library. I also saved individual vectors from the logo to the library to use in other places in the brochure.
  4. I used Photoshop to make adjust and crop the photographs the client sent me to prepare them for use in the brochure.
  5. I opted for a tri-fold brochure, but instead of the traditional vertical layout, I decided on a horizontal layout with the top third being a narrower cutout that folds across and reveals most of the bottom third when the brochure is closed.
  6. I used a slab serif font for the headings and a handwriting (script) font for the body text.
  7. I tried hard to use consistent alignment of elements, clearly contrasting colors, and plenty of white space in my design.

Critique Process

Facebook Critiques

Julie BaughmanBrad CampbellChearsten Webb, & Chelsie Brady all gave me valuable feedback. Julie suggested adding an infographic to break up the text. Brad suggested simplifying and reducing the amount of text. Chearsten suggested removing the original drop shadow from the logo and other vectors. Chelsie noticed that my alignment was not consistent among some headings and that the first letter in some paragraphs appeared not to be capitalized.

Instructor Critique

Brother Stuckie also suggested I remove or reduce the drop shadow from the vectors, as it made the silhouettes appear fake.

In response to the peer and instructor critiques, I worked to reduce the amount of text overall, added a small infographic to a section, and completely removed the drop shadow on all my vectors. Also, although the seemingly lowercase letters where a feature of the font, I agreed that they were distracting, so I created a larger case letter at the beginning of each of my paragraphs.

One on One Critique

The client, Kimmy Jaster, stated that the colors I used looked good, but that they weren’t colors that she particularly liked. Since the web-page mock-up used the same colors, we agreed that this is something we can address and change as needed as we move forward.


The brochure gives helpful tips for pet owners and also asks for support for the Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter, a charity that works with the Holbrook, Arizona Animal Shelter to rescue homeless animals.


Pet owners, prospective pet owners, and concerned citizens of the Holbrook, Arizona community.

Top Things Learned

A product (such as a brochure) that appears simple on the surface, actually requires plenty of planning, foresight, and design finesse to create something that is appealing and effective. I enjoyed working with all three Adobe programs we’ve learned this semester to craft individual elements and create the final brochure. I began using the Adobe library feature a lot more in this project, as it made it easier to transfer elements and colors between programs.

Color Scheme & Color Names

I chose to use an analogous color scheme of red, brick, and orange.

  • Dark Red #8e393d
  • Light Brick #e4bd81
  • Medium Orange #e4a440
  • Neutral White #f1eeef
  • Neutral Black #1a1919

Title Font Name & Category

Bitter (a Google font) // Slab Serif

Body Font Name & Category

Indie Flower (a Google Font) // Handwriting (script).

Process Video

Original, Unedited Images Used

All photographs were provided and permission granted by Kimmy Jaster,  a personal friend and the chairperson of Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter charity. All other graphics were created by me.

DSC_7049 DSC_7595 DSC_9849 girl2