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dave3I’m  a husband, father, and web developer. Sometime I write things, and sometimes I want to share the things I write. This website is a place for me to do that.

I am a stereotypical conservative, libertarian-leaning, middle-aged, overweight, balding male. I’m also a Mormon, or member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). I’m very far from perfect, but I find comfort in my beliefs and I try to live them. Often I screw up, though.

I believe in limited government and personal responsibility. Most of my writing is narrative or memoir in nature, and sometimes with a Christian bent, but I expect I’ll publish some things that may be considered controversial.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to be indignant or is easily offended, feel free to disagree in the comments section of a post. As long as you’re respectful, we can have a discussion and part ways as friends. If you choose to act like a child, you’ll be treated like a child and your comments will be ignored, derided, or deleted; you are then free to find a corner and cry about your hurt feelings.

Primarily, though, I like to write things that are humorous, uplifting, or reflective of my life and family. So if my humor or life experiences offend you, well then, I guess we just can’t be friends.

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